3T transformation towards zero-carbon economy: Technology, Transport, Tourism

Accelerating clean innovation, technologies & green business towards zero-carbon economy #GREENSLOVAKIA

Clean innovation includes new technologies, products, and business practices that improve environmental performance. Clean innovation can be advanced in all sectors of the economy, from traditional resource sectors, to manufacturing, to services.

Clean technology – or cleantech – is the sector of the economy focused exclusively on developing next-generation green innovations such as renewable energy systems, biochemicals, or emission-free vehicles.


Any organization that develops or offers a technology, product, or service that involves responding to the causes of climate change is a cleantech enterprise. Cleantech is a general term that includes new technologies, but also asset classes, market sectors including clean energy and mobility, sustainable & green products and services. Cleantech innovation is an accelerator of the transition to a low-carbon economy.


Cleantech Slovakia is a Slovak non-profit organization with a V4 overlap. We are the 1st Innovation & Green Business Platform in Slovakia and the Vysegrad region. Our goal is to support creating and launching of innovative and green initiatives for the business sector and facilitate collaboration between businesses, startups, the public sector and research institutions to contribute to climate protection.


We interconnect entrepreneurs, philanthropists and inspiring leaders. We want to create a strong regional community that will be able to drive change towards a transition to an ecological, sustainable, low-carbon and circular economy and will contribute to the growth of Slovak cleantech & green business sector. We inspire, inform and support businesses, provide analytical and consulting services.


We have experience in managing tourism and environmental policy in the state administration, in professional organizations with a nationwide reach, but also in the long-term implementation of sustainable development and tourism development measures in the private sector.

We focus on 3 goals:

  • Changing business models to green and sustainable
    We believe that businesses can drive the environmental and sustainable development of society
  • Clean energy and innovative solutions to tackle climate change and protect our natural resources
    We believe that businesses have an important role to play in overcoming the challenges we face.
  • Climate change is an opportunity for businesses
    We help businesses and start-ups build and develop solutions that have a positive environmental and economic impact.


Our aim is to accelerate the zero-carbon transition of economy. Our vision is to live in clean, innovative and sustainable environment. Our mission is to help catalyzing the change. Join us to support transforming a businesses, cities and municipalities to act on climate change. Be part of companies and municipalities by taking climate action. Be part of #greenslovakia. Looking for advise to make your business / municipality more green and sustainable? Join us and TAKE ACTION!

Are you a green or innovative company / municipality? Make yourself known….


Green & Sustainable Slovakia, project supporting ECO initiatives focusing also on the Visegrad region

An initiative promoting a responsible and green business sector and a transition to a low-carbon economy

An initiative for environmentally, economically and socio-culturally sustainable tourism development

Mision & Vision

Climate change is a reality. We face the challenge of achieving carbon neutrality and reducing greenhouse gas production. Climate change will have an increasing impact on society, economies, cities and businesses. The solution to this challenge is the new clean technologies and innovations that underpin the green, collaborative and circular economy. Cleantech Slovakia brings a vision of Slovakia: a green, sustainable, innovative country. We are an initiative aimint at supporting and promoting greater corporate environmental responsibility. We support and promote the development and dissemination of clean, environmentally friendly technologies and measures. We contribute to between public and private actors at national and international level.

We focus on 3 main areas of activity:

  • we are an open platform for cooperation in the development of green business, development of start-up ecosystem innovations and funding opportunities
  • we raise awareness of sustainable corporate initiatives and promote environmentally responsible approaches and solutions of the corporate sector
  • we improve the exchange of experience and knowledge through regional cooperation and partnerships with other organizations and networks in Slovakia and abroad


Green Business

Success through sustainability by reducing carbon footprint

Cleantech & Eco Innovation

Innovative and effective solutions to climate challenges offering a competitive advantage

Smart Cities

Energy efficiency - Transport - Communication

Clean Energy & Storage

Renewable energy, Geothermal energy, Energy efficiency, Energy storage

Clean & E-mobility

Smart, clean and more sustainable mobility, new and innovative "sharing" solutions

Low-carbon & Green Economy

Sustainable and eco-innovative solutions minimizing the raw material consumption

Green Financing

Grants and financial advice: support for access to finance and investment at national and European level

Sustainable Tourism

Rethink, Reuse and Recycle - towards ecological and economic sustainability of tourism

Waste & Water

Recycling and waste recycling systems. Water and wastewater treatment


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